About the club

In 1973, Herefordshire Goat Club was founded and amalgamated with Shropshire Goat Keepers. However, the two groups went their separate ways in 1978 and Herefordshire Goat Club became affiliated to the British Goat Society.

Originally, Herefordshire Goat Club consisted of only dairy goat breeders. Showing played a major part in the members’ years, organising a number of dairy goat shows in the county, all under the recognition of the British Goat Society.

At one time, Herefordshire Goat Club boasted 200 members. The club was saved from being closed in the 1990s and, in recent years, has attracted a much wider range of goat ownership than previously.

There is a vast reservoir of experience of goat keeping in the club and we’re always happy to be asked for advice. If members don’t know the answer to a question, they’ll know someone who does.

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